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Center for Public Secrets and Well-Told presents "OAKLAWN", a new documentary that explains the events surrounding the investigation into the mass graves from the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre at Oaklawn Cemetery.

“OAKLAWN” tells the story behind the public meetings and comments about the investigation into the search of the unmarked graves stemming from the Race Massacre. It highlights the bureaucratic hurdles through the knowledge and experiences of descendants and members of the Public Oversight Committee.

An Open Letter to the Tulsa City Council
by Randy Hopkins


The Public Oversight Committee has been widely touted as a powerful component of the City of Tulsa’s 1921 Graves Investigation. Mayor G. T. Bynum made that crystal clear in 2019 when he declared to Tulsa and the world that “folks from outside government” would “oversee the process.” He proclaimed that the Committee — made up of descendants of Tulsa Race Massacre victims and other influential members of Tulsa’s African-American community — would provide transparency and hold the City “accountable” for doing things “the right way.” Their job was to “point out (where) it isn’t being done in the right way and where we need to be right.”

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