The Center for Public Secrets is a sub-cultural institution that explores the hidden and neglected history of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and beyond. 

     In 2019, Tulsa Mayor G. T. Bynum kicked-off the City of Tulsa’s mass graves investigation — the search for  victims of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre at Oaklawn Cemetery. Pledging to do things “the right way,” the Mayor appointed a Public Oversight Committee consisting of descendants of Race Massacre victims and leaders in Tulsa’s African-American community to hold the City “accountable.” 

     However, once the Race Massacre centennial came and went, the bold promises faded and the Public Oversight Committee was all but cast aside. Discover the sad reality of the City’s 1921 Graves Investigation in Randy Hopkins’ new article, “Echo of History: The City of Tulsa’s Mass Graves Debacle.”


  We believe that the situation in the city of Tulsa is one of national and international relevance. Throughout Tulsa's history, there have been moments where the city serves as a crossroads to all that is America– and to all that America represents. The story of Tulsa encapsulates something both beautiful and destructive. Many times, the details of the stories that shape Tulsa are hidden just beneath the surface, ready to be exposed.


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