The Race Reader

The Race Reader

Racism in America's original sin, and we still struggle to understand it. Throughout more than one hundred issues, This Land magazine published on topics spanning from the Tulsa race massacre of 1921 to the ongoing struggle of black descendants of Cherokee Freedmen. The Race Reader anthologizes This Land's most courageous work on the subject. This collection illuminates the devastating historical, cultural, and personal toll that racism takes from society. And it offers the hope that through understanding, reconciliation is possible. 


"This anthology should be in, at the very least, every school in Oklahoma. The editors of This Land, committed to giving voices to the past, have over the years compiled a deeply researched and eloquent antidote to a legacy of intolerance. The Race Reader anatomizes our most complicated truths—especially those that so many in power did their utmost to deny." 

—Mark Singer (staff writer, The New Yorker)


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